Archiving- Maintaining the Past

Source: Futurama
Source: Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)
Source: My Laptop


My aim is iterating based on this template how I can display images, embed features, and design affordances that prompt people to reflect on how they associate and remember things.

“Aw, that was that thing from then. That thing I totally forgot about but was so fun and exciting.”

Location, Alphabet, Time, Category and Hierarchy (LATCH)

One of the most popular ways of structuring information conducive to our cognition is using the LATCH method. While not perfect, we are trained to think and process information in this manner.

Conversational Searching

Sometimes a search process is conversational. The theme develops organically and what is made within that time frame is what it is. Conversational searching is powerful in that it provides links to nodes of memories that create experience within our minds. By freely exploring anything that comes to mind and making a broad linkage with one another is a helpful stage to narrow down what truly matters to the participant.

Noise Filtration

Like any data, noise needs to be filtered. Photos that are damaged or does not read, accidentally taken, inappropriate, out of context ,etc.. needs to be filtered at the digression of the participant.

Thick Descriptions

Using thick descriptions to describe what is going on in the paragraph most often helps people to recognize the details that are often overlooked. It is a practice of becoming more metacognitive and aware of the obvious mechanisms that are essential to everyday life.

Providing Metaphors

Providing metaphors induces new ways of approaching memory.

First In-First-Out

Just brute force.

Creating a Checklist for each Item

By creating a checklist of each item, you create an indexed chart that displays the plots of image


Keep a diary. The easiest bust most effective way of accessing back on your memories.

I wish I could do this



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