A popular design challenge that has caught tailwind since the global pandemic- retail space.

Framing: Observing through the lens of ‘data’

Donald Norman’s Things That Make Us Smart gave me the perspective to observe the world through the lens of data/information. Digital, Physical, Cognitive artifacts we interact with allow us…

Signage and Way-finding Research

Part 1 — Observation

In order to contextualize and develop awareness of the environments of Construction Junction, our group went out and placed ourselves in the space to make observations and interact with customers and employees to map out the general landscape of the project.

Observation Methods:

  • Field Visit/Observation
  • Design Ethnography (Photo Documentation +…

Once retrieving research data from the cultural probes and expanding our awareness of wayfinding experiences through desk research, our group began to organize an affinity diagram to categorize our specific insights (low-level observation) into overarching themes of wayfinding (high-level observation) at Construction Junction.

Yellow to Blue— Observation

Wayfinding experience observations

We began to see certain themes emerge…


  1. Framing — Identifying the design question. Questions will reflect the insight the designer gained through each iteration. What are the variables/parameters are essential to the users’ experiences?
  2. Prototype — Using design principles and research tools, design a cultural probe that endeavors to creatively capture the in-situation user experience.
  3. Test —…

As better hardware and software merges the physical and digital environment closely together, users are exposed to more opportunities of investing time interacting with digital media in physical environments.

One of my everyday interactions with digital media that incorporates the physical environment is using BusGazers. By interacting with a real-time…

Matthew Nam

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